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Car Washing Services

KAARUNYAN FACILITY AND MANAGEMENT SERVICES is a leading brand in doorstep services in the cleaning, sanitizing and dry cleaning segment for vehicles and homes. We are extending our services to each and every threshold of car owner through our service partners.


Generally, Steam wash is a combination of water and steam to clean a car's exterior and interior. Steam boosts the temperature inside the washer drum, causing fibers to relax and more efficiently absorb water, releasing deep-down dirt and stains. It is hot enough to lift off any grease and produces enough pressure to break down dirt, and is gentle enough to not damage the surface.


Internal cleaning with dry steam and suction vacuuming using our special car cleaning accessories.


● Engine

● Diggi

● Dashboard

● Door’s Under Beats

A widely used method for heat sterilization which uses steam heated to 121–134 °C (250–273 °F) under pressure.

We will use world class disinfection chemicals which are human friendly as well as environment friendly. We will use dilution fog prepared by the appropriate ratio of water and disinfection chemicals in the interior and then close all doors for a period of 30 minutes. After this, we will sanitize the interior.

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