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Complete Cleaning Services

Your home is an abode of peace, health and happiness. It's disturbing when your piece of heaven becomes dirty and attracts allergens,dirt and and overall atmosphere of low well being, That is where Home Deep Cleaning services in Bangalore steps in.


However much we try to keep our homes clean, allergies from dust mites and dust can become problems. External pollution doesn't help either. Add to that you also have a large variety of inaccessible areas  witin the house which requires house deep cleaning in Bangalore to be done . This is where we step in.


At Clean Fanatic, we understand your fears, and the pain you feel over an unhealthy home for your family. Our Home Deep Cleaning Services in Bangalore are designed to deliver an allergy-free home. We inspect your house, identify the most vulnerable areas and prepare a cost-effective estimate suited to your needs.


We are experts in Window Mesh Cleaning, Kitchen Cleaning, Bathroom Cleaning, Furniture Cleaning and all other house cleaning services. We clean the difficult-to-reach areas of your house that get ignored and host harmful dust-mites, allergens and bacteria.


We also provide move-in/move-out services or end of tenancy services so you can rest assured your new home is hygienic and safe.


At Clean Fanatic, we believe a professional cleaning service involves a methodical step-by-step approach. We use certified equipment, top-rate quality solutions and trained teams to ensure quality.


To give our clients a better understanding of our household services, here's a House Cleaning Checklist. These activities are also covered in our Annual Maintenance Contract.

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