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Gardening Services

Landscaping, maintenance of Gardens, Green Plants, Flower belts & other Horticulture Services to create a gorgeous landscape within the premises with the help of our highly trained gardeners. Regular maintenance of your lawn and gardens, and specializes in irrigation services and water management.


Landscaping services are activities which modify the visible features of the land area.  We at KAARUNYAN FACILITY AND MANAGEMENT SERVICES provide a full range of landscaping services for commercial as well as residential customers. Our team helps in designing beautiful new landscapes. We can maintain your plants, flowers, grass etc and also provide other services which will keep the landscape in its best form.


We have experienced dedicated teams who will execute the entire process from design to installation up to maintenance. Our quality and creativity have enabled us to become one of the best landscape care companies in Bangalore.

We offer the following services

  • Lawn Mowing – Proper lawn mowing (seasonally) will help in increasing the thickness of the grass and also make certain that it stays healthy.

  • Fertilizing – The best fertilizer for grass will help in maintaining the deep green color. Fertilization will show peak growth and performance of the landscape.

  • Mulching – It is a process of covering the soil and making it more favorable for growth. It also gives the landscape/garden a very neat and tidy look. Mulching serves as a natural blanket to the area, which prevents the top-soil from drying out completely.

  • Plants Trimming & Pruning – The process of trimming and pruning helps plants for fresh new growth and renewal.

  • Irrigation maintenance – This is the most effective way of reducing wastage of water and pollution by using the accurate amount of water of the required landscape.

  • Lawn Aeration/soil loosening – This will make sure that the nutrients reach the soil beneath the grass. Such kind of perforation of the soil allows air, water, and nutrients to penetrate to the roots.

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