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Office & Home Painting Services

KAARUNYAN FACILITY AND MANAGEMENT SERVICES is a leading brand in doorstep services in the cleaning, sanitizing and dry cleaning segment for vehicles and homes. We are extending our services to each and every threshold of car owner through our service partners.

  • Interior Painting Services: Interior painting includes all stencils, designer walls, Texture painting, and customized wall painting according to requirements.

  • Stencil Painting: Crafted from set designs, stencil painting can change the vibrancy of a room in moments.

  • Texture Painting: Revolutionary, bold and contemporary – texture painting can give personality to the drabbest of walls.

  • Wood and Metal Painting: Our team of experts ensures that the tricky wood painting process is seamless and impeccable for the best outcome. A number of enamels to choose from and a team of experts ready to transform your kitchens and other spaces.

  • Rental Painting: Perfect for those who’d like to give a house an instant make-over. From touch-ups, paint coats to the thorough cleaning of the house.

  • Kids World: Spaces dedicated to children have specially created keeping in mind color schemes and the child’s personality. We offer a plethora of themes to choose from to put that bright smile on your little one’s face.

  • Waterproofing: We ensure that our waterproofing projects are intricately planned and executed by a skilled team along with the best materials.

  • Exterior Painting Services: Our expert team of painters makes sure that the exterior walls are painted beautiful and it makes it gives a positive vibe.

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