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Pest Control Services

We offers a comprehensive range of professional pest control services. We use the most advanced methodologies available today, thus, giving you a customized effective plan which will be suitable for your specific needs. Our trained specialists will investigate your site during each visit. Further, they will protect and strengthen the site by carrying out the required actions!



KAARUNYAN FACILITY AND MANAGEMENT SERVICES is committed to keeping your office clean, healthy, hygienic and free from all types of pests. We help companies get rid of the unhealthy environment around you that could be the potential cause of infections and diseases.



The pests tend to easily multiply because of the climatic conditions, if not treated properly. So, our ultimate goal is to provide the best pest control services which will satisfy the needs of the customer. This encourages a healthy working or living environment and reduces the risks of infections and diseases.

Professional Pest Control Service Offer Features Like:

  • Rodent trappers

  • Gum stickers

  • Treatment with chemicals

  • Anti-Termite Treatment

  • General disinfection

  • Rats/Rodent Control

  • Bed Bugs Treatment

  • Cockroach Treatment

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