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Waste Management Services


Corporate organizations and tech parks comprise a major portion of our clientele. KAARUNYAN FACILITY AND MANAGEMENT SERVICES provides a complete end-to-end essential office waste management system for all kinds of waste. We are driven by systems and processes with a laser focus on accurate data collection and reporting. KAARUNYAN FACILITY AND MANAGEMENT SERVICES takes pride in having high compliance with labour laws, operational health and safety requirements compliance with various statutory requirements.

To ensure effective office waste management in Bangalore, we work with various departments of our client's teams to help their organizations achieve their sustainability goals. Awareness programs and employee engagement lie in the heart of our efforts.


KAARUNYAN Zero Waste is a pioneer in providing professional decentralized Waste Management solutions in India. Over the past decade, KAARUNYAN Zero Waste has developed a good understanding of the dynamics of how residential outfits can be steered towards establishing good residential waste management solutions. It involves close coordination with all stakeholders including Resident Welfare Associations, property managers, resident volunteers, housekeeping teams, and maintenance staff.


KAARUNYAN is one of the top waste management companies in Bangalore that offers holistic waste management services to schools and colleges to ensure the effective diversion of waste generated at these institutions from landfills. Through periodic interactive sessions with students, our team also educates young minds about the best practices of zero waste management - segregation at source, composting and recycling, for instance. This goes a long way in imbibing the values of sustainability and awakening environmental consciousness into the future leaders of our nation.

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